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 Bruce travels extensively on business and its important for him to be in full control of what is happening at home, 24/7. “Knowing that my road facing gate is closed and has not been accidentally left open is no problem with the simple monitoring system called The Protector. Using a cell phone, I open the gate remotely to let in the domestic or the security company when I am not at home. Should my road facing gate or garage door be tampered with, I will immediately receive an SMS and followed up by a cell telephone call. There will be no nasty surprises with this system in place,” he explains.

Called The Protector, the system addresses simple solutions, like managing your road facing gate to more complex solutions like switching pumps on and off and integrating into the home alarm system. From basic home monitoring solutions to complex home automation, almost anything can be monitored and automated.

Examples of basic home protection

  • Allow authorised users to open your road facing gate or garage door
  • Open the gate remotely for your domestic worker
  • Know if the gate or garage door is being tampered with during the night or when you are away
  • Allow domestic workers into your property at authorised times, allowing them to make an authorised free cell call to open the gate, switch off the alarm and then send a SMS to the home owners of the event
  • Open the gate in the morning when you are at work to allow the Gardner in to work and switching the beams off.
  • Close the gate or garage door is you have left it open for more than 5 minutes

Examples of advanced home automation solutions

Holiday home owners

Authorised cell phone numbers can switch on the fridge, geyser and water conveniently one hour before arriving at the holiday home. Should you forget to switch off the geyser, it’s no problem, just send an SMS to switch the geyser off and check that the fridge and water are also switched off.


By far the most popular implementation is protecting the home road facing gate or garage door. More advanced solutions need to be designed together with you to meet requirements. The user really has total control and peace of mind so give us a call to discuss your ‘peace of mind” requirements and we will find a solution. Arrange to see a practical demonstration and experience the “peace of mind” solutions.


The cost of the Basic Protector to monitor and control you road facing gate or garage door starts from about R2 750.00. Should more advanced solutions need to be designed the costs will be higher. Our consulting engineers will meet you at home to discuss and provide you with a solution to meet your home automation and budget.

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Service Offering

The most popular implementation is The PROTECTOR

The PROTECTOR will monitor your road facing gate or garage door. The following rules are a typical solution

The Rules

The rule set applied to the PROTECTOR are

1 Air Time Check Send an SMS when the airtime less than 10 units
2 Open gate Open the gate when a call (FreeCall) is received from an registered number
3 Gate Open more than 5 Mins Send SMS when gate is left open for more than 5 minutes

Close the gate

4 Gate Tamper Detection Send SMS and phone when gate is opened after hours
5 Domestic Access Domestic phones to open the gate (FreeCall)

Gate opens when domestic arrives for 18 seconds then closes

Send SMS to OWNERS to advise that Domestic has opened the gate

6 Security Access Security company sends coded SMS to open gate for property inspection

Gate opens for the security officer for 5 minutes

Send SMS to OWNERS to advise that security company has opened gate to inspect

Gate will close after 5 minutes as per Rule 3


The Basic costs are R2750 to deliver the following:

Protector Processor
Accessories Wire/CableTies/Glue/tape
SIM card With R50 included
Labour and 1 Hour
Training 1 Hour


Additional equipment may be required

12v Battery (R180)

12v Power supply (R300) if there is no batter connected to the garage door opener

Housing (R300) to secure the battery, power supply and protector

More Examples that may interest you

  • Electric fence Know when the Electric fence triggers and switch on the garden lights
    • Energise and disable the electric fence
    • Interrogate the status of the electric fence
  • Automatically switch on the borehole pump when needed
  • Switch on or off your home alarm system
  • Know immediately when your home alarm system activates
  • Switch your security beams on and off and know when they trigger
  • Monitor smoke and fire detectors
  • Monitor multiple temperatures i.e. fridge’s, outside temperature
  • Monitor temperature of sensitive air-conditioned rooms
  • Automatically switch on and off the hot water geyser, heat pump and fridges.
  • Switch on the heat pump or geyser with an SMS
  • Switch the mains water supply on or off
  • Switch on garden lights
    • When the gate opens
    • When the beams trigger
  • Give access to the security company to open your gate when needed and to send you an SMS when the gate is opened and closed